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SOHE Group, Inc is a Florida Mortgage company specializing in residential loans with it.medadvice.net over 30 years of experience. Centrally located in Miami Dade county.

Our Services

Our services reach far beyond just home loans. We want you to be happy with you new loan product. Understanding is key. Our experts speak from the heart and understand the importance of questions you may have during your refinance or home buying journey.

In Depth interview

Get to know yourself and your home loan needs as they compare to your budget.

Purchase a home using one of our home loan products

Select from the best of the best home loan products. FHA, premier miracle noir mask VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac loans products available.

Refinance your home

Speak to one of our representatives and select from either 15 or 30 year fixed loan products. More info on casino 50 free spins. Whether you need cash or just want to lower your payment or loan terms, SoHe home loans is here for you.